– video by Dashin Dave!

– live @ Hawaiian Brians, Jan 18 2013

– pakman performs “FLASHbackAHEADofTHEcurve”
w/ dj camel clutch (aka navid najafi).

– fan made video by Agung Dewi!

– live @ Ong King Performing Arts for First Friday, Aug 2011

– live @ Hawaiian Brians – “Sprtulous” – Sep 18 2011

– video by JOEY ENGEBAK!

– big ups SUNDAY JAMS & HAWAIIAN BRIANS, plus everyone in the house that night!! epic sweetness 😀

– live @ Fresh Cafe – “Rise (Blind Sight) – Nov 20 2010

– moment captured by Joey E. thank you! LOVE, HUGS N’ KISSES!

– mad props to Rise Up Hawaii for hosting/organizing this event, all our fellow artists who came out to support and represent, Ill Hill Society & 4N Tongues, our dearly beloved POM heads, and everyone a part of this night dedicated to helping those less fortunate. much love 😀

– live @ UH Aloha Campus Dorms Courtyard – “Chillin” – Oct 29 2010

– moment for re-enjoyment captured by Joey E. thanks Joey!! LoVe YoU!

– big ups to Shabaz the ninja MC! as well as Jozo & Ian for holding it down on drums and bass RESPECTively. and of course, all our illin’ fresh POM heads in the house!!

– live @ LCC (Leeward Community College) – “neverland (freestyle cipher)” performed by Pakman of the Peace of Mind Crew ft. Def!nition & Kwalified Emcee w/ Klassiq, Jason Jones & DJ Sunday.

– big ups and thanks to Joey the Norwegian Beauty for filming! as well as LCC for hosting and the 4N Tongues Crew for organizing and executing!

– film appears courtesy of Goob of Goof & Goob Entertainment, in association with Peace of Mind.

– live @ aloha tower harbour – “get fresh!” performed by peaceofmind:different definition – honolulu, hawaii – april 24 2010

– thanks to marta, captain jeff, wikoliana harbour, free-running guys from HIPK (Hawaii Parkour—–>click here to visit these dynamos!), fire nation roots for the sound equipment use, all the volunteers, the breakers, dancers, shakers and everyone else involved in turning this event out!

– film courtesy of joey the scandinavian beauty a.k.a. goob of goof n’ goob. thanks joey!!

– live @ UH Manoa – “futuristic (so simplistic)” performed by peaceofmind:different definition – honolulu, hawaii – april 22 2010

– thanks to joey-san, aloha music movement project, smb ent, dj high vibes, and one love surf shop fo’ the table!

– film courtesy of joey the scandinavian beauty. thanks joey!

– live freestyle jam session @ joey’s pad – kalihi, oahu – april 1 2010

– thanks to jmf (jescko murder face), jordan, dj u, sahak, kai, and kale.

– film courtesy of sam the pakman!

– live @ club 7080 – “goin my way” performed by sahak – honolulu, hawaii – march 28 2010

– thanks to smb entertainment

– film courtesy of sam john a.k.a. the pakman!

– live @ anna bananas – impromptu freestyle collab – honolulu, hawaii – march 12 2010

– thanks to kai of firenation, danny & jai of breath of fire, and kris & hunter of f.t.p. for the people

– film courtesy of kenny, thanks kenny!

– live @ snappers open mic – honolulu, hawaii – feb 24 2010

– beat courtesy of mayo productions

– film courtesy of dave baxter, thanks dave!