2010.01.20 POM plays dempseys in corona

pom opens for i.e.'s inhale. fun times, a fun show with some fun people. thank inhale!

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2009.12.04 POM loving the hub in colton once again

top billing at the original pom stomping ground, the hub in colton, goes to uhhh, yours truly...POM! indeed, but we shared the stage with best of musical friends, the bomberos, and the great band night flower. thanks guys for an awesome show!

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2009.11.14 POM revisits crane's in hollywood

pom finds themselves in hollywood at good ole cranes! good to be back too! the pom hit the scene full force with freestyle band members shaddy and chris m adding their energy. it's the peaceofmind movement!

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2009.10.29 POM rocks the falconer in redlands

pom lights up downtown redlands for a little prehalloween fest! everyone was diggin and groovin the pom scene featuring the usual 5 piece set followed by a little bit of the old improv. just grooving how they feel, additional pom members shaddy, on bass, and chris, on the drums, didn't disappoint! hail pom!

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2009.10.16 POM returns to the hub in colton

peaceofmind doesn't say no to a hub gig...ever! a fantastic pom gathering of beautiful music. need we say more?

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2009.10.10 POM plays farewell bash at pakman's daddy's house

Peaceofmind hits the outdoors on a chilly october nite for a farewell fest for POM friend and airman justin mears. he leaves to serve the country, so why not send him off with a nite of music by yours truly and little death and of course drinks and some tasty bbq by pakman's dad.

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2009.10.09 POM practice

the peaceofmind goodness must ooze out between shows, you know? it gets sweeter i think...

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2009.10.07 house of blues, sunset strip, hollywood

ummm...it's the HOUSE OF BLUES people!

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2009.09.20 air conditioned supper club, venice

rounding a weekend of shows in LA land; last stop venice

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2009.09.18 Crane's Hollywood Tavern


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2009.09.11 The Hub in Colton

our first ENCORE Inland Empire show as a 5-piece crew!

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2009.07.31 The Hub in Colton

our FIRST Inland Empire show as a 5-piece crew!

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2008.12.17 Jazz Minds in Honolulu

our debut Honolulu jazz lounge performance!

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2008.05.24 shaddy's pad

our first ever ENCORE show!

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2008.05.23 pakman's mama's house


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