she came back though only for a moment
like a dream when awake most of it was forgotten
and the only thing kept alive is the memory
the only vibe to still survive is the residual energy
of the time that we spent bent only on one another
lovers like two stars who crashed into each other
rational thought was out the door in a second
and the only thing that mattered was the next love session
messing in between the sheets she could barely speak
laying kisses on her body from her head down to her feet
she would scream silently for me to please her violently
and all inside me i could feel the desire to ease her needs
she would breathe heavily chest heaving heavenly
breasts pressing up on me looking longingly in my eyes
hand caressing down her thighs reaching in between the sighs
of "oh god, yes, right there"
pulled down her underwear
under there was her sweet spot
hot from the play fore
what i would say would
make her body sway
in a rhythm like the tide crashing down
and all i could hear was that gasping sound
grasping now for me now to go down
how you want it? on your back? on your stomach?
on your knees? she would say "baby please don't make me plead
give me what i need what i need is you
what i need is true and i feel real with you
and i don't want no other dude like you don't want no other boo"
hoo hoo who are really you though?
don't feel i really know though i would never let it show
go do your thang
imma do my thang
and i'll meet 'chu at the end where it's all the same
where the love remains

i'll meet 'chu at the end where it's all the same
where the love remains

love me now
love me later
divide my time
still love will be the remainder

i hear from you every now and then
it's good to pretend that we still be friends
when we were so much more
how can i move back and not forward?
i think you feel the same when we talk
all i see in my mind is the way that you walk
with them fine ass hips swinging side to side
and them pursed up lips perched up against mine
so right was the feeling that i got scared and left
and every day i have to live with that regret
but yet still find you impossible to forget
is it possible that we can get together again?
cuz i don't think that i can handle us just being friends
i need more than that and i suspect you also want more back
but alas look where we at? two separated on different ends of the map
but matter of fact it was a matter of more than that
i wanted this and you wanted that
yet somehow still we were attached
opposites do attract
obviously we matched
and the last memory i have is of that ass
sorry to be so crass but babe it's a fact
sexual attraction in no way did we lack
we would play in the sack
drink a handle of Jack
light a candle with matches
and watch bodies react
like the drum slap your bum i loved to smack
and you loved it when on your body i would mack
it was spiritual and much much more than sex
it was a deep seeded feeling on which we would connect
something that i still do truly deeply respect
and something real that i will never ever ever forget