the good life

life is hard sometimes yea of course
but you know what?
life is also good

each day begins with a single breath
and moment to moment
none of us know
if the next
could be the last
let go of doubt fear worry and hate
live love laugh and
say hey hey hey
now praise the Lord
for life

life is good
life is good
am i allowed to feel this high?
aw yea you allowed to feel that high

(verse 1-a)
now come on let's go let the beat take hold of your soul
feeling cold? warm up with the lyrics that i spit
since you woke up this morning you already been blessed
i focus on the positive all the gifts i've got
and its not much but so much to those who know that
it's all about good friends and family
doing what you wanna do in life and pursuing that
no matter what or who tries to hold you back
the only thing holding you back is you
and it's up to you to choose what you wanna do
me? what did i choose?
well jus' look close and see

(verse 1-b)
i start each day
wake up in the morning
two deep breaths
and then i'm ready for the rest of the day
to come my way
and whatever happens happens i say
stay lifted high cos we livin' the good life
everyday we livin' i consider the good life
we given this
gift and i'm givin' it all my
attention though every now and then you'll find me sentence dispensing
did i mention how i like to write rhymes?!
about livin' life and the goodness i find
all around me look close see that flower bloom?
see the love consume them two lovers on the street?
hear the love laced inside the words that i speak
love is much stronger than you may think
so think new things that new experiences bring
experience all you can when you happy sing
even if you feel like you not on key
as long as you happy it sound right to me
go on i wanna sing along don't mind me
i'm jus' so happy that you so happy

life is good
and i feel so high
li-livin' the good life
life is so good
and i feel so high
livin' the good life

"yes i can" [echo]
"i'm so happy" [echo]
nothin' can bring me down
nothin' will bring me down

(verse 2)
let's go again
this a lyric for my women and men
all that you see
and my friends who happen to be all you that i now am seein'
i'm emceein' for the love of bein' with all of them and all of you
comin' through showin' love with what you do
actions speak just as loud as words
so make sure with both to be true to your word
and that's my Word