the gift is this

super fly high guy tryin' to buy my soul??/
naw no way adios nice to know ya/
see i got mo' important things to do with my time/
than sell my soul out fo' gold on a yellow dotted line/
intersectin' the highways my way seems to be/
a path to destruction of superficiality/
so i gotta Shang Tsung it like a fatality/
and say "your soul is mine!"/

(verse 1)
now come along on the rhyme/
alone empty broken i feel so at times/
keeps slippin' by wonderin' how I got here/
year after year disappears/
i remember clear the year i graduated high school/
first time in life i felt like i was a disciple/
mic rifle in my hand livin' to understand/
the jam, the plan, and the woman that i loved/
for God's sake i wish i never had to give her up/
but i did so i could proceed with the music/
use it to free minds and all who would choose it/
to groove with/
and it's this feelin' comfertin' me/
now i sleep simply to wake up in the mornin'/
implorin' the masses to keep on explorin'/
the life that they got cuz one life to live/
and all of this me is what i got to give/
right back to that which gave me all i live/
the gift is this/
i spit/
the gift is this/
the gift is this/
we live
the gift is this/
so give

(verse 2)
you can never have enough so why lust?/
just trust in the Good inherent in each man/
otherwise you'll go nuts tryin' to crack 'em for what?/
stand up walk away and let the bullshit slide/
havin' a bad day?/ chill n' cruise with this vibe/
no homicide rhymes only dope-a-slide lines/
you know what i like like a simile i'm/
still twisted with it gifted with it when i spit it/
get it goin' in the club or wherever you throw it up/
just enough of this bullshit sayin' that you'll call me back/
i know that's not a fact i met enough bullshitters/
girls who thinkin' tits n' clits will be gettin' 'em the winners/
silly girl don't remember what her daddy always said/
"use your head to get ahead, not givin' on-lookers head"/
"otherwise you'll end up dead" alone cold inside/
i know cuz i've done the same kind in my life/
slept with different girls in the dark of the night/
and all i got from 'em was a cold-ass feelin'/
not physically speakin' i'm meanin'' heart-beatin'/
meanin' that i felt my heart was not connectin' deep with 'em/
and since i now know i gotta let you all know/
it's a gift that i still got my dick intact/
so beware who you freak and the way you act/
cos this a gift first yes and a matter of fact/

it's[this] a gift/
to wake up in the mornin'/
it's[this] a gift/
to keep on life explorin'/
it's[this] a gift/
fo' your heart to keep goin'/
it's[this] a gift/
all that you knowin'/

life is a gift
i believe i breathe
not because of me
but the Al-might-y
whatever the name may be
you know what i mean
life is a Blessing
so no need fo' stress-in'