paint a picture of

lyrical assassinator
stage constipator
make a hater shit his pants on his last dance terminator
the return of the heavyweight Austrian
blaow   [*insert Gov. Arnold grunt*]
pissed off in his esophagus
returned from the sarcophogus
. . like an E-gyp-tian mu-mmy
rummy drunk on the punch from his head to his tummy/
time for korean b-b-q named Yummy/
get it? i know that you think you think that i'm funny/
like money/
yup, you feeling me honey?/
how green paper leads to so much/
but what?/
nothing really if you look enough/
sunny/ weather/ makes me feel better/
than cheddar/ any day of the damn week/
damn it feels good to people with speak/
creep into my brainwaves as i let the sound spray/
paint *echo* paint *echo* paint *echo* paint/

paint a picture of love
paint a picture of above
paint a picture of what's up
paint a picture give it up
for love fo-fo-for love fo-fo-for love
fo-fo-for love fo-fo-for love

you gotta give it up for love never get enough
even when i'm feelin' like i basically have given up/
had it rough had it tough now i'm here to get it up/
like i popped two pills of Vi-a-gra/
ah ha ha hah man thought i had ya/
for a second/guessing like a question/
mission impossible just became possible/
no type of obstacles stand in my way/
i hustle with the muscle in my mind every day/
and tussle with the bustle of the grind every day/
and never get away from the bullshit it sprays/
unless i say, "hey"/
"Had enough of this shit/
damn right, Life, damn right 'bout to quit!"
but like a whistling i can feel the wind again/
and it's laced with a breeze wrapped fiercely in love/
and all i can say is "damn right, that's what's up"/
"damn right, that's what's up"/
"damn right, that's what's up"/
"damn right, that's what's up"/
"damn right, that's what's up"/
love love love love/

"damn right that's what's up"/