(verse 1)
back in play/
back in action/
never relaxin'
unless the girlies askin'/
passin' the dutch to the left
no stress
jus' chillin'/
the feelin' that ya get when you sit and vibe by/
a smooth ass groove that make you feel high/
unless I am mistaken
it's time to hear some breaks in the music/
beat masta pakman sam/ he gon' do it/
on this chill dj wunda who produced it/
cool it down like chill in the freezer/
ethereal unreal feeling like ether/
neither here nor there/ this simply everywhere/
from the west coast of cal-i-forn-i-a/
to the east side of ka-ne-o-he bay/
and it's all o-kay/
come around my way/
let the groove soothe and take your troubles away/
watch 'em float away/ like a float parade/
make no mistake/ about the groove/
the tune keep you glued to your phones like dudes/
on a long-distance call with miss perfect boo/

this hip hop
chillin' music/
we use it
like a mother use love
we makin' it bump/
this hip hop
chillin' music/
we use it
like a child use love
we makin' it bump/
hip hop
chillin' music/

(verse 2)
come along on the ride/
i promise to drive/
with me in the emcee's seat/
and my crew pom-C with the breaker's beat/
bob your heads up n' down to dj wunda's beats/
this peaceofmind feelin' needin' to be released/
melodic overtones permeatin' the streets/
all alone with the soul to keep cold from the heat/
seekin' missiles when they tickle stickin' clits with the d/
but nevermind why would y'all listen to me?
when it simply seems that all i ever wanted to be/
was an emcee/
since at the ripe age of sixteen/
followed my dreams/
with a scheme to clean house/ on all these blackouts/
suckas sellin' out they 'selves fo' the cream and huge house/
and now it's all about/ whose record sells most?/
nah i don't think so/ it's still all about who rocks the house mo'/

(verse 3)
now please don't lose it in translation/
i've been makin' statements/since chillin' in the basement/
placement is the key/
to longevity and all the happiness that you seek/
bleak circumstances sometimes seem likely to defeat/
but never keep me down or ever keep me offa my feet/
i keep bouncin' to the drum beat/ of another drummer
brother who be kickin' back and chillin' out just like me/
. .and know this feelin' is still what is keepin' me free/
believin' in the dream be healin' me like heat therapy/
gigidy-gigidy-gigidy-goo Quagmire admiring/
speakin' what be on his mind though it be sexually/
there ain't nothin' wrong with talkin' a bit sensually/
a lil' somethin' for the ladies to get down and bounce with/
if ya feelin' live jive go and bounce this house with/
a vibe like my mic ride when i spit this English/
careful cuz this so chill it considered a bit dangerous/