still wunda thank yous

~ all songs written and performed by *Sam John* also known as *pakman*

~ all beats produced, mixed, mastered and arranged by *dj wunda*

~ all vocals mixed, mastered, and arranged by *pakman*

~ original artwork appears courtesy of *k.j.*

First and foremost, THANKS and PRAISE to the ALMIGHTY for providing the inspiration, motivation, and cooperative collaboration responsible for the creation of this album.

Second, a HUGE thank you to our good friend *dj wunda* who produced the amazing beats heard on this album and who was gracious enough to share them with us. Many Blessings my brother.

Finally, to ALL our FRIENDS, FAMILY, and FANS…THANK YOU! Once again, your support and encouragement have led to the creation of these beautiful and uplifting tracks. MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!

Wishing You All Continued Blessings & Love,

-pakman & the peaceofmind crew