let's ex-plore
the dark side of the moon
let's ex-plore
the silly things we do
let's ex-plore
the reasons that we're here
and let's ex-plore
until we see them clear

(verse 1)
now i've been searchin' for the answers for quite some time
and every time i got 'em they jus' slip my mind
into a new state of mind because my old mind's gone
learn from the people that you meet and this song
really given me a purpose to steer rights from wrong
hear the words comin' on settlin' inside your palm
question everything ya know because well you neva know
give yourself a chance to grow ignore all the videos
money sex clothes there's much more to life than you know
though those things can be nice you can live without 'em right?
sure it might not be like all the other guys do
but really what's the point of doin' like they all do??

(verse 2)
let's explore the recess of your mind
but first why am i askin' you all these questions?
well it's simple really i jus' wanna mention
do you think it's possible the existence of a sixth dimension?
why or why not? do you say the things you do?
and why or why not do you do the things you do?
ask yourself what it really is that makes you happy?
figure that out and i guarantee you'll be happy
but know it's up to you to do to make it start happenin'
say "yes it is possible i believe it's possible"
all things is possible this is hip hoppable
rockable kn-know kn-know that your mind is unstoppable