let me tell ya 'bout a guy i know
use his voice
and made the choice to flow
let me tell ya 'bout a guy i know
made the choice
and use his voice to flow

(verse 1)
start comin' at 'chu quick
which ones do you pick?
which one resides inside to find light?
and which one resolves inside to fight right?
if one says help others other says help none
which one you gon' pick after it's all said and done?
well if you ask me it's a simple question
to hell with selfishness and second guessin'
do what you know feels right in your heart
help your fellow brothers don't get left in the dark
the reason i spit it is to help It to start
and 'tis the season to on kindness embark

let's. get. goin' goin'
time. fo'. showin' showin'
the powerful effects of peace and love
unity respect and all of the above

(verse 2)
hold up
wait for a minute
let pakman get right back up in it
spit so fresh like arctic chill breath
pardon my next move what 'chu expect?
a guy who only rhyme 'bout money drugs sex??
funny how so many have come that to expect
but check yourself for there's a new tide brewin'
people movin' past only money accruin'
this is sumthin' new that we all now doin'
my people behind me to guide me they find me
freestylin' in  the street feelin' so lively
appealin' cuz i'm dealin' only supa-fly vibin' [rhymin']

(bridge 2)
guy speak so much peace
never saw a guy speak so much peace