(verse 1)
never s-t-ress
in-tell-i-gence 'til-i-rest
tell that chick on the strip to get dressed
put her kee-lothes on
fo' she re-loads on
i know not to with a street walker get it get it on
if she wanna talk proper then listen to the song
baby doll you need to stop to yourself doing harm
ain't no price worth it
life can be a cir-cus
and it's a shame how this world got ya feeling that you worth-less
ner-vous no never i'll con-tin-ue ser-vice
pur-pose is the prime pre-mise of my verses
heard this be-fore and heard that be said
the words that i slur pre-fer to be bred
in the deep din-gy de-part-ment lur-kin' in my head
the com-part-ment in the a-part-ment is colored red
a flood of the blood is runnin' from my two legs
stunnin' like a heart-beat pumpin' pure lead

this is work? no never
this be pure e-lation
make of it no mistake
this the dream we chasin'

(verse 2)
cha-sin' dreams on the scene on the boul-e-vard
really hard to re-release the cd's which we done be-for'
never lookin' back because we what? we keep movin' forward
give it up in prayer hey i say "Hey praise the Lord!"
get your hands up come on put your hands up
now put your hands down listen to the brown's sound
yes i clown around with no frown on my brown skin
roll up in the spot get the whole party poppin'
knockin'  boots with the Truth see me talkin'?
yea i got the proof di-rect when i walk in
and no i don't got no pri-or appointment
i don't need 'em cuz the guy so im-por-tant
on the down low while i'm gidd-y home re-cor-din'
a-ccor-din' to what the people say i'm never bor-in'
more in-clined to speak my mind du-rin' warrin'
and like a squirrel fo' winter time rhymes i be sto-rin'

we wakin' up
to all'a they lies
taken enough
of all they su-pply
a nine to five grind?
no not I
i say like what you do
do what you like
yo we waken up now
to all'a they lies
taken enough
of all they su-pply
a nine to five grind?
no not I
i say like what you do
and do what you like

(bridge 2)
fly free fly high like a bird in the sky
when i say holla back holla back the reply
holla back young'n say peaceofmind
holla back young'n ---- "peaceofmind"