this jam
right here
right now
forget it
just listen

for everyone feelin' down n' out
anyone out on bail
for all those thinkin' 'bout bailin' on life
for all those who wanna set sail
fuhgettaboutit it'll all work out and it'll all be good
believe me you'll see like i did everything work out like it should

i feel so high so live so fly so why
should i feel down?
when i'm so high so live so jive
and i'm not comin' down
i don't know why though i know i
must keep making these sounds
and if ya feel like i do
and ya live like i do
feel free to gather 'round

(verse 1)
this a spiritual feeling healing feeling that i'm feeling
and i'm loving it
so damn appealing all the beats i be dealing
get the crowds
wildin' out!
and they know that i'm livin' with a passion for spittin'
and i can't stop this
i jus' gots to keep givin' them this gift i've been given
with a swaggerin'
so many ask me how i be so happy
i tell 'em "i don't treat people whack!"
n' even though i fuck up at times
i recognize the need to tell 'em sorry for that
but when we all fuck up how then can you hold for-give-ness back?
when i forgive you and you can't forgive me???
man that's what's whack!
but still

(verse 2)
gather 'round me now
it's now time for the second round about to go
yes i clown around but i also speak truth
when i'm holdin' it
the proof is a-live di-rect seen
when i'm walkin' it
and heard in the words that i slur in my verse
when i'm talkin' it
and that's why

jus' to get myself up and for my peoples out in the crowds