they ask me what i'm doin'
i tell 'em
"Sam is Writin' his Self to Music in Rhyme"
peaceofmind [echo] pieceofmine

(verse 1)
it began at a certain poignant point in life
before the hate and strife
before the bars and stripes
i was like
my an-ces-tors liv-in' giv-en cer-tain un-alienable rights
done with all the same all sights for the sake of what is Right
though i recognize the need we all feel to be understood unique within our Lifes
i also feel the need to sit back sometimes re-cline and ana-lyze
the meaning and the purpose and the reason and the whole thoughts why i'm still A-live?
the people that i'm seein' and the people that i'm meetin' and the reasons for them Why?
do what we do when we do what we do and the reasons askin' Why?
i know i know sometimes too much i tend to phi-lo-so-phize
but if i don't try to figure out all these answers then i'll die
with a piece of my mind confined by the time spent tryin' to open mine
even if i can't find 'em all right now i know at least i tried
with the best that i could do at this particular moment in my life
felt really happy crappy sappy laughy all the time
with a ri-raka-rak-a need to follow dimes from be-hind
while i skcrape [echo]

watch me while i skcrape [echo]

(verse 2)
watch whilei skcrape take a second to rebump this bangin' jam
lend a fellow hand to your fellow man
dang is that pakman standin' high up on the stage?
always bein' brave?  always makin' waves?
always taking what be given given back to those who take
taken them up on a journey to a better place
with a faith inherent in the apparent look up on his face
with a rhyme so caring still so daring advocatin' change
while he skcrape [echo]