shut that

yea ya 'bout to feel this one
yea this is how i do son

(verse 1)
knick knack patty whack
pakman back to rap facts
action packed
platinum plaque status never
take a hiatus from cheddar
my rhymes never been better
forget a record deal i could steal minds
confined by mass media communicationary lines
i'm tryin' to free yours while tryin' to free mine
flyin' in the sky energy delivered rhyme
and like you i'm on this grind called life
important thing to figure out is what you want in life
that's the question you need to ask yourself why?
to know Self of course otherwise you stay blind
only other course is of course for you to free your mind
no fear of the Time enjoy what time you got
because before you know it the time on the clock stops
never stop not bein' afraid
now hear me say

shut that shit down
when ya hear it wearin' out
shut that shit down
if ya don't wanna hear it now
shut that shit down
when you listenin' to whack peeps
speak a lifestyle that they really not e-nac-tin'

(verse 2)
so many folks be ac-tin'
really be mas-kin'
never ask-in' never question-in' happenings
see-in' what's happen-in' in this world's rat-tlin'
it seems not too many re-actin'
they jus' keep laugh-in' why they keep laugh-in'?
when they don't really understand what keep happen-in'?
same ole' system fo' money drugs sex trap-pin'
youth of the nation lost sense of patience
instant gratifications manifest patients
unaware of their sick hidden fixations
livin' frustrations placin' blame on current situations
rather than lookin' inward fo' true appreciations
they jus' slur words in search of elations
lookin' fo' confirmations from they fellow generations
afraid to say what it is they chasin'
if you wanna be about money that's fine with me
though know that you really won't stand be-side me
cuz i'll be me and you'll be you
keep doin' what you do
hopefully someday soon you'll see who you really be
and what you wanna do
what you really need
and what really true
and if you wanna do like i do that's coo'
only one rule - to yourself be True