let’s think

let-let-let's think
let's-le-le-let's think

let's think
what really makes you happy?
let's think
what really keeps you from stopping?

(verse 1)
naw this purpose
how else could i spit these verses?
to work your mind
i'm tryin' to free yours in the pursuit to free mine
so let me do what my man j price say to do
question yourself and the life that you choosing
to keep pursuing i keep accruing
new types of schooling in all that i'm doing
and all i had to do was sit, think and
ask myself a simple question
one i think i already might have mentioned
while i'm chilling in the sixteenth dimension
your attention please you can do
anything that you may think
is impossible if you first think that it's possible
complete your mind clear of the improbable

and the rest of what i say can't sway
really all i can do is ask the right questions
the rest is left to your discretions
and requires your immediate attention

(verse 2)
think deep
sleep for a moment
close your eyes though don't lose focus
ever notice how you get what you wish for?
or ever wonder how you could get more?
are you what you believe or believe what you are?
and is it possible for you to walk on wa-ter?
are you a-ble to control e-vents that are happen-in'?
or do you believe that you are jus' an e-vent happening?
can you di-rect the course of your life?
what do you believe about death after life?
i know the questions are hard so are the answers
time to take charge and figure out these answers
because only you can decide for yourself
while the rest of us can only just help
guide one along in no particular direction
though it best be done with only the best of intentions