(verse 1)
what we been living with is this prescription
my diction
at times contradictin'
my descriptions defy definitions
stereotype given time dope rhyme convictions
physicians couldn't cure me now
though i highly doubt they even coulda cured me anyhow
the route i be travelin' is strictly my own
while i'm chillin' dealin' feelin' rhymes tryin' to make it home
anywhere i roam callin' it my home
so don't ask me when ya see me where i come from
child of the world that's my word 'till i'm done son
if this heard 'round the world then i know i've done some
good in this hood like i should spillin' on the mic
from the right to the left
no stress on the chest
still real still feel still oh so blessed
this my leap of faith - not knowin' what comes next

leap into Life
and travel your own Path
knowin' what comes next
is like livin' in the Past
have a blast
doin' what you do in the Now
keep an open mind and it'll all work out

boom bap tick-y tick-y let me break it down
this is rick-y tick-y tick-y rick-y my sound
if ya feel me gi-ddy gi-ddy come and gather 'round
let me take ya through the ci-ty ni-tty gri-tty of the town
up and down then Lost and Found
this the cycle of Life that we all Live now
while i recycle my rhymes open your minds up now
how? by say-in' and do-in' what you feel Right now