goin’ on

"kuuush, your attention please
you have three seconds to report to the dance floor
thank you"

(verse 1)
hell-o hi
nice to meet 'cha
of course this be the main fea-ture
we the ones here now to greet 'cha
and get it goin' on when it's time to freak ya
i'm sorry was that too gra-phic for y'all?
i jus' meant i wanna dance and par-ty with y'all
get a lil' i-rie drink al-co-hol
enough to where the burqa-clad women re-move they shawls
no need for a-pplause we jus' do for the cause
of good music this the peaceofmind move-ment
use this mu-sic wise-ly like oh so smooth grooves from ron is-ley
i be on an is-land my own of course i claim hawai'i's my home
but so is cal-i-forn-ia to the east coast where i visit all my homies
to my mid-west dir-ty south and world-wide homies

get it goin' on
get it get it goin' on
get it goin' on
get it get it goin' on
get it goin' on
when ya see us in the spot
get it goin' on
when ya hear the hip hop
get it goin' on
get it get it goin' on
get it goin' on
get it get it goin' on
get it goin' on
if y'all don't want us to stop
get it get it goin' on
let's get ready to rock

(verse 2)
pop lock drop
snap crackle pop
"oh man that boy off his meds again"
"get him 50 cc's of sweet hip hop Stat!"
"yea that'll bring him right back"
pak-man be kickin' dem raps
"damn man he lookin' all whack!"
why? cuz i got no jewels on ma neck?
hah i could give a shit a-bout it
all i care a-bout's gett-in' the whole crowd row-dy
not a live set? peace out i'm out-ty
let me see ya get down vibe with-out me
after-partah in the brand new A-udi
but it ain't mine cuz it jus' rolled a-round me
oh well let's go roll 'round town and get loud-y
and hopefully the smoke won't get too cloud-y

(verse 3)
"oh man the boy back for a third verse?!?"
yea you know i got a rhyme thirst
free minds my lines put in work
on the hip hop scene chillin' with my team
you know who we be you know how we be
focused workin' on the grind fo' sho'
for us though work's rockin' live ass shows
nine to five? yea you know how it go
i do what i do for the love of the flow
and al-ways rock it for ma people on the low
i'm like a rock-et takin' off for sum' mo'
hot-ness feel it from my ladies and my bros
every single bo-dy that be step-pin' on the flo'
that's the way we like it man and this is how it goes
once a-gain y'all now the chor-us 'bout to flow
so let me hear ya say it now tell us how it goes

"kuush, your attention please
for those whom so graciously rocked the dance floor
thank you
your enthusiasm is deep-ly appreciated"