focus focus focus focus [diminuendo]
focus focus focus on my grind [crescendo]
focus focus focus on the rhyme
focus on the time
focus on my mind

(verse 1)
focus keeps me flowin' in my life
though holdin' onto focus ain't as easy as i'd like
tryin' to keep focused hand on the mic
while locust swarm like people in the night
to the light bright with sight in the fight
to see a clear difference between wrong n' right
but many times focus seems to slip outta sight
and all i'm left with is a empty ready pipe
to ignite if i bite the temptations of sight
all i see around me is a whole bunch of hype
'bout sex money drugs and hoes
don't you know life's more than money and clothes?
cars and hoes? property n' gold?
if you didn't know well now you know
focus on those you'll lose your soul
so focus on higher focus on mo'

(verse 2)
focus tends to bring me to a place
where i feel safe free to my dreams chase
make money but only as much as you need
any more than that translates into greed
focused six years gettin' a degree
and now i'm free to do as i please
sure i could spend time posted in the club
lookin' for a honey bee that wanna make love
'sho 'nuff though baby you don't need to give it up
there be more to life than late-night trysts poppin' drugs
though sometimes i must admit yes it be fun
but not to the point where you ain't gettin' shit done
parties go and come you can always find one
bottle of bacardi one-fifty-one rum
but get too drunk and your life gets spun
out of focus and when 'dat happens you done