to be careful in this day and age is a ne-cess-i-ty
often times it don't seem ne-cess-a-ry
but if not careful you may end up an ac-cess-o-ry
just another piece in someone else's re-ci-pe

when you [i'm] runnin' in the street
when you [i'm] rhymin' to the beat
of the people that you [i] meet
of the treasures that you [i]  seek
[x 2]

[verse 1]
see me be see me free
see me believe believe me
when i be
pretendin' to be an emcee
become what i pretend to be
misery love company
so see me accompany a company that feelin' me
a company appealin' we that's how we feelin' we
feel like we feelin' free so feel free to follow we
while we chillin' see
proceed cautiously
while the nauseous be
at a pause at the crossroad nervously
appur to be more than they a-shure to be
and that's the reason why i pre-fur to be


[verse 2]
*spoken word freestyle*