boogy beat

(verse 1)
let me relegate
like a renegade
when i turn the page
don't be afraid
see me on the stage
this is who i be
keepin' clean on the scene living out my dreams
what i wanna be?
not a wannabe
i'm a gottabe
like a wallabee gotta be in a tree
oo oops pardon me
two lumps sugar cream
be a part of my tea-m
get what i mean?

this hot. . .
and so damn fresh
i'm [we] not. . .
what y'all expect
i [we] rock. . .
with mind in check
comin' up next
peaceofmind on deck [set]

(verse 2)
let's get re-re-ready with it
rock with the heavy in it
so damn heavy with it
feel like an anvil
while others fill the landfills with bullshit trash
we move past the standstills of hip hop crap
we back with the new dank-ness for the masses
so thankful for the gifts that we mastered
plastered. . .on a Sunday afternoon
scowerin' the streets lookin' for a lil' poon
and when i find a midget imma hit it so quick
paramedics gonna be like where he come from tsk
we lost him now i'm crossin' on the other side of the tracks while tossin'
quarters in the shot glass hopped up on Nyquil
diggin' on the side of the hill flippin' cartwheels
i'm zany crazy come on girls date me
if not i might have to go and pick a daisy
she loves me pulling petals and she loves me not
oh well that jus' mean she won't get to ride this _ _ _ _
you can fill in the blank with what your minds got
in mine? well imma tell ya right now