ques?ion thank yous

~ all songs written and performed by *Sam John* also known as *pakman*

~ all beats composed, mixed, and mastered by *Sam John*

~ all vocals mixed, mastered, and arranged by *Sam John*

~ guitars on track 01 & track 11 appear courtesy of *dirck blaskey*

~ guitars on track 03 appear courtesy of *3-pete*

~ background vocals on track 02 appear courtesy of *melanie ladonga*

~ intro on track 11 written by *daddy aldinger*

~ original artwork appears courtesy of *jewelfly*

Once again, first and foremost, THANKS to GOD for EVERYTHING. The Almighty is the granter of Life from which this Music we create pours Forth. Thank You.

Second, a HUGE thank you to our close friends and fellow musicians/artists who helped make this album one that we are all intensely proud of. Dirck, Peter, Melanie, Thomas, and Jon: You all have inspired and contributed to this album in incomprehensible and amazing ways, and for that, I and the band thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Finally, we wish to send out another HUGE THANK YOU to ALL our FRIENDS, FAMILY, and FANS. Our parents. Our siblings. Our homeboi’s and homegirl’s, high school friends and college buddies. You know who you are and you know how much we treasure and value each and every one of you. For all our peoples in Hawaii. For all our peoples in California. For our friends holding it down in Oregon, Washington, the West Coast. For our friends in the South, Arkansas and Florida. For our international supporters, in Norway, Canada, Australia, and all our peeps in Europe, Mexico, the Marshall Islands, every place we have had the pleasure and privilege of visiting. We thank you all sincerely for being so supportive, so kind, and such amazing people. May God bless you all.

Wishing you and yours many continued blessings & love,

-pakman & the peaceofmind crew