tru 2

check it out
hey everybody we be back
peaceofmind we be back

(verse 1)
it's hard to see
some days who we be
i wake up off the floor from my sleep
drag my feet to where i brush my teeth
in my underwear still smiling cheek to cheek
im hearing people speak
over a wishful beat
that means my roommates up
making a soulful beat
something so sweet in your ears it be
near impossible to not hear it calling me
as an emcee i can only ride the beat
while my dj price throw it on the trax for me
and it has to be
our reality
because nothing else we do conveys who we really be

talking 'bout the music
the music
we use it
to get through all the bullshit that this world is still producing

(verse 2)
now i'm tired of the bullshit
i'm tired of the strife
i'm tired trying to turn a hoe into a housewife
i'd like to get it right in my life if i can
treat everyone i meet like they was my brethren
but it's hard sometimes when people don't stay true
it's hard at times when people only want to screw you
for what?
their own pleasure, their own gain, their own delight
know you never will be better if you only think of I
if you only chase the cheddar then you all alone will die
now i'm sorry for this vibe
but these realities of life
and the earlier you learn 'em the better will be your life
just like the way that what we're doing's now helping us both survive

now i could give a damn what the hell you say
if you wanna hate on us go ahead and hate
but just know that the truth you never can escape
so be true like we do and what we create