the feeling

the feeling that i get
when i'm by your side
helps me get by
helps keep me high
the feeling that i get
when you're by my side
it gets me by
it keeps me high

(verse 1)
now i've been down in the dumps
treated like i was junk
beated up and left for dead like i was solely just a runt
a punk who does not know a single thing about the way it is
in life i try so hard to find the right path and myself forgive
but it be hard at times when people only want to see you down
it be hard to walk around my town hold upside down a frown
and the only way to get around it all's to be legit
the only way to get back up is to remember life is just a gift
everyday you make the choice to feel good or to feel like shit
split right down the middle with a little negative
all you really need to do is focus on the positive
my superlative rhymes be inclined to free your minds with this
peaceofmind right on time with the pakman and his clique
it's the right time to find peaceofmind in everything you live
and the reason that we do it is purely for what we get
from the melodies and harmonies composing our music


(verse 2)
verse two for the people who be knowing that we true
in everything we saying
and everything that we do
a promise made to me is a promise i make to you
if you wanna come through true vibe with the peaceofmind crew
it's coo' to do exactly like exactly what you wish
when you chilling with the pakman and his deejay price-less
we the craziest for saying shit that others will not say
because we not afraid of what those other player haters say
we could give a damn about the people who be fake and hate
unless they really in they life truly mistakes they wanna change
it only takes a second to change what some call they fate
and all it really takes within yourself is to have a little faith
break from the norm be reborn back to a little kid
 when everything was simpler and everything was hip
to the hop we don't stop we not ever gonna quit
and this mu-sic is the remedy we use to get a lift

(bridge 1)
and nothing
no one
can bring me
no nothing
nor no one
will bring me

(bridge 2)
and if you try to
shame on you
don't hate like most all others tend to
be different from the rest
we all be blessed
and make sure to keep yourself free from the stress

(verse 3)
be free from the stress
like ready for great sex
hah made you laugh now get ready for what comes next
steady with the lyrics in my head keep coming undressed
meaning they bare and rarely ever see 'em fiending for the checks
meaning i spit it for the sake of not money but re-spect
eex-pect my dreaming to match every thing that i've said
because everything i'm saying is simply for what i get
when we step out on the stage turn down the lights and rock the set

(bridge 3)
get up out your seats and bounce
this is how we rock the house
jump up high then shake it out
this is how we break it down