(verse 1)
once upon a time not too long ago
when the people lived fast and the dreams died slow
a kid came along with a faded flow
tryin' to make it big but also jaded by the dough
he prayed to the Lord every single day
gave him strength to continue on his merry way
and this very same kid that's livin' his dreams
is the very same kid that you hearin' emcee
now the story don't stop here not at all
this young cutty kid was beginnin' to ball
but before he had it all he had nothin' at all
'cept fo' big trip dreams of becomin' a star

so many stars in the night sky shine
how long befo' i can sunshine mine?
turn from the dark of a cri-mi-nal mind
return to the heart of a su-bli-mi-nal rhyme

(bridge 1)
who am i? where am i?
what am i
really doing in [with] this [my] life?

(bridge 2)
i'm trying to get it right
i'm trying to figure out
what the meaning of my [this] life is all about

(bridge 3)
and though i don't know
i still go
still traveling the journey of this long [short] road


(verse 2)
i exist fo' the sake of makin' good music
but somedays i feel like i'm 'bout to just lose it
school and work both come in flurries at times
and sometimes i feel like i'm hurried in rhymes
meaning people say "Sam Come n' Flow Fo' Us"
somedays i jus' wish i could say No i don't give a fuck!
about anyone o' anything which one can touch
but then i calm down mellow out and throw one up
feel my troubles float away keep givin' 'em up
so i give 'em up to live it up and spit the rush
through the mic to enable everything i touch
to be able to jus' shine like a diamonds dust
and if i ever had the chance to give it all up
i would say no way keep livin' it up
cause the music is the reason that i'm holding up
in this life when at times i feel like giving up


(bridge 1)

(bridge 2)