(verse 1)
it's time to get schzo
when i let spit go
kids go "Yea! listen to this man!"
the name's pakman
tryin' hard to understand
the master plan that God has in His hands
it's all love all the time
deep in my rhyme
beats for the blind to hear
what i say hey
do you wanna come along?
ride with me?
or do you wanna stay stuck
in me-di-o-cri-ty?
best believe me please
i wouldn't lie to be
liked by anyone or any one not liking me
i could ride the beat
with nothing real to speak
or i could come up with something that be u-nique to speak
if you be liking what i'm saying then you got to be
living your life to the fullest like without disease
because you got to be
keeping it po-si-tive in life
cuz that's the only way to se-per-ate the darkness from the light

one two three four
here we go
i've been letting it go
since i've been getting to know
that really in this world i really do not have no control

(verse 2)
it's the same old story
that i've been hearing before
people getting worried by the rumors of war
people living hurried by the media's words
it's absurd to be living in celebrity worlds
get your head out your ass
share a laugh with your friends
have a blast being real
fuck ha-ving to pre-tend
get it right get it straight
give as good as you take
live your life
while learning from all your prior mistakes
it's a riot now take
all that you got in your safe
place it all on the table bet it all on the face
card take charge live large give it away
at the end of the day if you still be afraid
do yourself a favor and just give it away
i guarantee you'll get it back in a-no-ther way
so for now play this loud and the words that i say
come around gather round and lets take it away


(open solo)

(hook x2)

*that all people have a purpose living here on this globe*