east ride

battles are won
thinking ahead of the game
most of 'em come
with something seeming to gain
but what really comes
is not as one would suspect
especially coming at the expense of respect

(verse 1)
and what may feel good
at the time of the now
is not always how
it should be going down

and if you look back on the choice
with regret
make sure to realize that inner voice
not to forget

it's hard to be true
and do what you gotta do
but if you don't get it done
no one will do it for you

and when you feeling the blues
feeling like you might lose
remember everything is better
than it seems on the news

and nothing you do
is ever better enthused
unless you doing it to better all the people you knew

and if you think that you know
how life is really a show
you better realize the show is really nothing you know

cuz life is really a trip
in which we readily slip
and i've been trying to get it right
since the moment i slipped

so if i figure it out
imma let you all know
but until then just remember to enjoy the show

(bridge 1)
and for so long
we've tried to force this shit
but that can't be the goal
no that can't be it
we do it from the soul
and keep legit
saying fuck all the gold [hoes] [rules]
we just love music

(bridge 2)
and if you feel like
the rest of us do [the way that we do]
then trust in the music to guide you through
use it to move with all that you do
best of luck [God Bless] peace and love from us to all you [the pakman to you]