cruise cruise cruise
everything we say
everything we do
just cruise cruise cruise
all that we say
all that we do

(verse 1)
runnin' from the beast
heavy chains on his feet
the sweat from his brow falling down to his cheek
opens his mouth no words can he speak
humbled he tumbles the earth and he meet
she speaks, whispers him to get back on his feet
quickly she delivers him with everything he needs
planted in the ground growing from a brittle seed
to a little shrub to a tree swaying in the breeze
nothing is as easy as it seems
one minute you're awake, the other in a dream
the line between reality and fantasy is lean
if everything is nothing then nothing is what it seems
wash away the dirt the hurt and what it brings
learn to revert to first when you were clean
yearn for the thirst of sweet bubbling springs
and never troubling over nothing or anything

just cruise
all that i [we] say
all that i [we] do

(verse 2)
believe in what you hearing when he beginning to sing
the errand is the gerund you giving him to believe
breathe in the need you feeling now to be free
everything is nothing but nothing is what it seems
dreams magnify realities
miss escape casualities
skip all the formalities if you like
you like what you like is right is what you like
exit right from the sight of the left behind
replenish regroup to recoup the mind
replenish the pleasures of peace of mind
never measure the treasures of those confined
it's better to forget her than to waste your time
it's better to forgive him than to waste it crying
the living don't stop on account of all the dying
while the only answers given are the ones you find

everything i [we] say
everything i [we] do

life can get hard sometimes
unsure which way to go
choices start coming at you quick
which ones do you pick?
what do you decide to do?
which ones are right for you?
who really ever knows what to do?
i'm just like you
so confused
trying to choose
and just like you
trying to make it through  ^make it through^


life is a crazy ride
all we can do is cruise the vibe
choose to be true
move with the groove
go with the flow life throws at you
have fun and make sure get your work done too
love each second and everything you do
come through for the people who be down with you
and don't forget to re-lax, lay back and just cruise