peaceofmind thank yous

~ all songs written and performed by *Sam John* also known as *pakman*, except for verse 1 of track 05 written by *daddy aldinger*

~ all beats produced by *Sam John* with the exception of track 01 & track 13 [produced by dj wish] and track 08 [produced by dj kenny k]

~ all tracks mixed, mastered, and arranged by *pakman* except for track 01, track 08, & track 13

~ guitars on track 02, track 04, track 05, & track 12 appear courtesy of *3-pete*

~ guitars on track 10 appear courtesy of *changer*

~ track 07 appears courtesy of *j.z.p.*

~ original artwork appears courtesy of *daddy aldinger*

First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU to the ALMIGHTY for providing the inspiration, guidance, and motivation to produce, write, record, mix and master these sweet pieces of music.

Second, a tremendous THANK YOU to ALL our FAMILY, FRIENDS, and FELLOW MUSICIANS. Your support and encouragement, your praise and constructive criticisms, your contributions and uplifting words are responsible for making this album be the best it could possibly be. Thank You.

Finally, we would like to humbly thank EACH and EVERY person who supports our music, our band, and our ideologies by giving our music a chance. ANYONE and EVERYONE who has ever listened to one of our songs, come to one of our shows, shared our music with a friend. YOU have helped to make us feel incredibly blessed and are responsible for bringing an immense and immeasurable joy to our lives that, without you, would not be present. Thank You.

Blessings and Love,

-sam the pakman & the peaceofmind crew