gearin up
chillin out
this be stress release

(verse 1) 
red wine and cigarettes
philosy and friends
agentina, orlando, hawaii
and zen
chinese food
highly saturated
often understated
ginger, garlic, heat
sam the man
changin up the rythym
4000 miles from here
in the synergism
family. missin
rio, sizzlin
light head dizzin
grew up, move out
moved on
and fell down
took ten minute
or five seconds
5 years missin
back into time
peace of mind
or mind of me
future, time and space
no race no hustle
not verb or muscle
only noise
only boyz
only men
and only friends
so save my gems
and write my thoughts
of what we bought
and how we
the only living reality we identify
without the use of the eyes
the world is lost
or just forgot
get not caught by absent thought
lest [your] words be [get] caught
and life is lost

gearin' up
chillin' out this
be stress release

(verse 2)
these thoughts speak
brought by days of these weeks

makes me feel speech
the final release

grease the wheel
and the monkeys gon' come

try to steal
more time more to have fun

bored in a slump
no Jimmy Quick gums

e-lec-tron-i-cal rapping

north east south and west

about the west
once wild now left

life we have been sharing

different views of the tear-an

nearing [nahr-in]
end of all the impairing

simply more than a carat
compare it

mass me-di-ci-nal share it
dare it
to be done with no merits
run but don't be stunned and don't fear it
come to revere it as you more come near it

(guitar solo)