aloha POM heads! i know it’s been a long time coming, and i apologize for that, but! the inspiration recently hit a lil’ earlier this year and voila! the new album is born 🙂 and she is to be called, *dunh dunh dunh!* “Rhyme4aReason”! oh yea! haha, now, i know this album is a bit different from what i’ve been talking prior, but i know y’all understand how it goes when something just hits ya right, you now, it hits ya right! am i right?! well yea, haha, this one hit right alright, because it’s bumping legit! the beats are all composed by DJ Wunda and the rhymes are penned by yours truly, the Pakman, and reflect the personal growth and experiences we have had over the past couple of years. if you are curious as to the sound of the piece and to what exactly those experiences were, well shoots, you are just going to have to listen to it for yourself! haha, buuuut, for those of you who must have a little something something to hold you over ’til the lyrical rhythmical sweetness drops, well, let’s just say you can break the disc into 3 distinct parts, the REAL, the CHILL, and the HOPE, all mixed in with a side of poetic lyricism and a dash of nostalgic goodness. in addition we are planning to release the album as a fund-raiser alongside original custom artwork, merchandise like shirts and hoodies, plus a whole other slew of goodies, like custom songs and lifetime VIP passes to all of our shows in order to support our continuing efforts to bring YOU quality music! but check it, we also need YOUR support in a simple (for you!) yet major (for us!) way with this album, so we sincerely ask that you please stay updated and keep on the lookout for this very personal and very passionately-created “Rhyme4aReason”. and as always, much love and many many thanks to you all for your continued encouragement and support! peace and blessings always y’all!! – Pakman