if i could tell the world only one thing i would say
do what you love, love what you do every day
cos that’s the only way to stay, stay sane in the brain
when all things around you seem to turn to insane
pain hurt and misery all part of this plane
of existence we all share as flames of the change
remain to your Self true and do what you say
make a change for the better resist what they claim
about “money, fame, honeys and clothes,
money Henny riches bottles and buh-bobblin’ hoes,
you need it all!” now that’s a throwback quote by them boys starving
unlike we who be with ammunition ourselves arming
like, bullets of love hollow points to pierce the heart
bleed the hate out, let it die, revive a fresh start
and we vibe like we march amped across the lands
spreading good vibes good rhymes through peace of mind jams
and right now is the time to get ya self going!
break from the chains and place ya self open
for knowing who you be, be the first degree
for doing what ya love and doing it carefree