Wow! Now it’s official! The “R4aR” CD release for our Honolulu peeps?! Super-charged, mad-inspiring and off-the-chain encouraging! What else can I say other than that we are blessed with INCREDIBLE fans and supporters! Supporters of positive music and artists doing what they love to do and doing it on their own terms! Aw yeah!

You see, we are not backed by any labels, nor do we have any sponsors, in fact, we do most everything necessary for the creation of a quality, genuine, and heart-felt album ourselves. That is not to say that there are not those who support us, on the contrary, we are extremely fortunate to have a TON of really supportive people, organizations and companies surrounding and helping us out. But, driving it all is our passion and love for underground conscious hip hop and a burning desire to connect with others to help create a better world for us all to enjoy.

So, we put this new album together on our own, Wunda and I, and along the way we were joined and aided by some truly incredible people and friends of ours with great skills and amazing talents and a willingness to share their time and energy with us! In other words, supreme blessings which allowed us to finally create an actual CD that we could actually put in your actual hands! The discs, alongside some of our other merch (band t-shirts, stickers and peace symbols), were personally packaged (by yours truly!) and made available for those down for the cause! Aaaand, based on the “support” figures for the night, the items were a smashing success! Thanks to all the independent underground artists who have shown and taught me over the many years of my attending shows (especially The Grouch of Living Legends!) what it means to hold it down at the merch table and to meet-n-greet your fans, make yourself accessible to them and to genuinely connect with each and every person showing you love and respect. Mad love and many thanks to those fans who gave us their support, either by kopping a copy of the album or shirt, getting down and throwing it up during our set, and/or just encouraging us by dropping us a kind word!! Y’alls generosity and positivity continues to be the FUEL we need to keep on doing this type of hip hop bigger and better! For real yo TRUTH!

Now, not only was the support and energy in the room strong, but the set itself and the vibe in the space was balling! Especially since it was an Occupy-themed event 😉 Conscious and educating on the social justice & equality tip was the decor of the loft, posted up on the walls and all around the gallery, same style as our music and our rhymes, which was oh so cool. Plus, because the homeys came through on the musical tip, Joel Spiral (my self-appointed “hype” man or “backing” mc, also the lead mc for hip hop band “Family Dinner”) and Alan Moreno aka Sepka (dj for the night, also producer for “Deux So”), I was afforded the opportunity to really rip it on the mic and let loose like a champ, fully focused and in the zone, hip hop on my mind and consciousness spilling heavy through the speakers 😀

Truth be told, if this show is any indication of the future and what is still yet to come for the Peace of Mind Crew, oh man, prepare yourselves people, because it is only going to be getting stronger and doper from here on out, keeping on it right and doing some ridiculously uplifting things…all of us in together now.

Big ups to ONG KING ARTS CENTER once again for hosting us and to all the conscious and respectful performers in the house that night, plus a HUGE shoutout to all of YOU who supported us and who continue to do so, and of course, to the people reppin’ peace and who still keepin’ they poise 😉

‘Til the next one, wishing you all the best!


– Pakman