You’ve realllly got to strain to see us there, posted on the flyer, but once you can make us out, aw yeah that’s right, feel good about yourself, you just deciphered this graphic art successfully 😉

Haha, so this show was a pretty laid back one, and by reading on you’ll catch my drift. You see, unfortunately, 2 of the other bands on the bill had to back-out last minute style, leaving just us and the Grlfrnds to hold it down for the house, though Animal Mother would later jump on to close the night with a slamming bang which was fantastic!

We got good video and handed out some cool POM-C posters, but more so than our set was the connections that were made. Chaz the audio engineer gave some really helpful suggestions for improving our show. Grlfrnds treated us to some new-school old-school synth rock. And Rachael the ADHdj of KTUH rocked us by holding it down on the decks proper.

That, and some random guy picked up our promo flyer for “Rhyme4aReason”, gave it the ole’ thorough look-over, and then proceeded to pocket it! Awww yeah, now that’s uplifting 😀

Anyhow, much love and thanks to the homey Joe Agogo & Jet Setter Productions for setting it all up!

And ’til the next time, peace!

– Pakman