In honor of our homey SYNTAX VERNAC’s new EP release titled “Spring Broken”, and the fact that he was flying out to visit Hawaii (and vacation with his girl!) on the cusp of its release, we had to throw a proper show to celebrate!

Deciding upon an alternative-type of venue, we were gracious enough to be hosted by our buddy Bryce who runs the Burning Tree Hookah Lounge located in Kaimuki!

Also on the bill was our good homey St. Graves a.k.a. Alan Moreno laying down his amazing electro breakbeat dub-style music and of course yours truly spitting hot fiah on the mic!

Sweet performances by Syntax (originally from Las Vegas NV), Pakman, and St. Graves as well as the homeys Matt, Devin and Joel who joined on the live band freestyle cypher sesh, made the night one to remember, although it seemed most of the patrons in the house where there primarily for the hookah smokage, haha, oh well, at least a few of us really enjoyed the sets and others got to smoke hookah with killah hip hop & dub breakbeat & live freestyle in the house!

All in all a great experience, especially since our friend Syntax Vernac of Speach Impediments recognized and dispensed some great aloha while he was here, both on and off the mic 😀

Cheers my brother from another! And come visit us again soon!

‘Til the next one, much love and many blessings!